Badi Production Reel 2017


"Agi Bagi" - funny television series for children (2-5). 

It describes the adventures of the residents of the planet that has two sides: Agi and Bagi. Its residents – Agingas and Bagingas - in a friendly way show each child how to join forces to solve many problems. Each episode tells a story about the environment and ecology, owing to that the little ones learn the most important things about our planet by playing.

"Agi Bagi" series in a unique way conveys educational elements that are essential for the child's development, but are often overlooked in fairy tales for the youngest part of the audience.

International premiere: April 1, 2015

26x11' - COMPLETED


The Flying Bear
& the Gang

“The Flying Bear and the Guardians of Legends” is designed as an action-packed adventure series for kids aged 6-8. The series narrates the adventures of a brother and sister: Jack aged 6, and Madeleine, aged 8. As a result of a series of coincidences, the children become helpers of a magical Bear who is a Guardian of Legends trying to protect characters from folktales and legends from being kidnapped. Madeleine and Jack accompany the Bear as he defends mythical beasts against mischievous attacks of a computer bug called CYBER who is trying to catch and drag them to a part of cyberspace he has infected in order to take control over them and turn them into an army he wants to use to conquer the universe.

Format: 13x11' (IN PRODUCTION)

The Flying Bear:
Return of the Guardian

„The Flying Bear: Return of the Guardian“ is an adventure animation film.

It is a story of Madeleine and Jake - the modern siblings at odds with each other, who find themselves in the fairy tale world, together with a magical Teddy Bear. In its concept “The Flying Bear: Return of the Guardian” is a family animated adventure film with a lot of action aimed at audiences between 6-12 (naturally, with parents).


"The Wriggles" is an adventure, fantasy tv series for kids aged 2-5 years

"The Wriggles" is a fable about adventures of amazing squirrel-like creatures and their friends. Apart from Wriggles themselves, you will meet Giant Moth, Prankish Glimmer and Flying Fish. Wriggles make a great team, which has amazing adventures and deal with small problems. They’re not afraid neither of the Blowzy Black nor of Urban Dusties. Each of the protagonist is different, but they are all connected by friendship and huge sense of humour, and thanks to ingenuity and solidarity they pull through safe and sound. When one evening, little Wriggle Buby comes out to watch the night, strange creature Blowzy Black takes him for a ride on a Giant Moth. And the adventure begins..


"Box & Ball" is a light in the plastic form, humorous series for kids.

A probe sent into space breaks down and a rover called BOX01 lands on a planetoid. Following the standard procedure, it carries out preliminary tests and tries to raise a flag to claim the newly discovered planet. It turns out the planet is inhabited by a one-eyed creature that looks and behaves like “quicksilver”. Extremely inquisitive, agile and powerful BALL drives the terrestrial robot to distraction, as it tries to discover the meaning of objects used by the robot.

Each episode is about one object, a symbol of our civilization: a flag, a phone, a TV set, a refrigerator, etc. BALL mercilessly exposes the absurdities lurking in each of the objects currently used by BOX01.

Format: 52x3'

A short film directed by Marcin Janiec. "The Game" gained great success at international festivals (79 selections, 18 prizes, mainly: Best of Show – Indie Fest, USA; Best Animated Film Award - Boston International Film Festival, USA; Excellence Award – Rincon International Film Festival, Puerto Rico).


Somewhere between life and death a thrilling chess match takes place. The stake is high - a gateway to the world of living. And the judge is someone you would definitely not like to meet...


Thoughts about the passing of time and the inevitability of fate, which question beliefs – they usually come to mind in tough and crucial circumstances. „This is a movie about a man, who would not have agreed with death” says Marcin Janiec, director of The Game.