Tomek Niedźwiedź SHOWREEL

Tomek Niedźwiedź

Producer, director and scriptwriter of animated films and director of commercials.
Author of concept, script co-writer and director of the animated series “Agi Bagi” for preschool children. Producer of the short film “The Game” which has received more than 20 awards on animated film festivals worldwide. The director of numerous music videos (two-time YACH Award winner, including the award for the best music video in the Baltic Sea countries) and animated commercials.
Tomek is the director of the tv series "Agi Bagi", "The Flying Bear and The Gang" and the feature animated film "The Flying Bear: The Guardian of Legends”. He is also the co-author of the strategy for the animated shows: “Agi Bagi”, “The Flying Bear and The Gang” and “Box and Ball”.

Waldek Mordarski SHOWREEL

Waldek Mordarski

Animator and director of animated films and commercials. He graduated from National Film School in Łódź, specializing in animation and vfx.
Since 2004 he has worked on animated films, commercials and special effects as a director, supervisor, animator, graphic and compositing artist. His own films appeared on dozens of film festivals around the world, and “Pojedynek” [Eng. "The Duel"] won the special award at OFAFA 2002 festival in Cracow.
In 2007 he worked as a director on the series „Fantasy the Bear”. He is a co-director of the tv series "The Flying Bear and The Gang" and "Agi Bagi" Season 2 & 3. The episode „Leaf Surfing Contest”, directed by Mordarski, won the Second Award at the animation festival competition O!PLA 2016. The episode "The Little Artists" ("Agi Bagi season 3) won the same prize in 2018.